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Space Planning

Shepley Bulfinch, an architectural firm from Boston, was engaged to study the library’s existing spaces to envision a redesign that would better serve its users. The  study recommend repurposing  several areas which resulted in the transfer of library shelving to provide additional seating and spaces for collaboration and group work. 

Katie Chan and Nicholas Falk joined the library staff in 2014.


Katie received both her Master in Library Science degree from the iSchool and her Bachelor of Science degree in Public and Community Health from the University of Maryland. Nicholas formerly worked at the Seattle Central College Library in Washington. His Bachelor of Arts degree is in Interdisciplinary Visual Arts and Graphic Design from the University of Washington. He is currently achieving  Master of Library Science at the University of Maryland.

New Hires

MediaScape and the Agati systems were installed for a month trial in April 2014. These technologies gave students, faculty and staff an opportunity to display, share, edit and create documents simultaneously in real time from iPad’s and laptops. Individuals and groups who used the technology completed a survey indicating their preferences and assessments of the systems ease of connection, quality of monitor resolution and usefulness for group collaboration.

Interactive Technology

Service to Students, Faculty, Staff, Community

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