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New iPads & Cables

The library added 20 new Retina iPads with enhanced capabilities, updating the iPad collection to a total of 50 iPads. Classes have incorporated the iPads into assignments each semester. We also bought new cables to allow a greater range of devices to connect to the monitors in the library group study rooms. Students can now view their work on the monitors with Windows laptops, Macbooks, original iPads, and Retina iPads.

In summer 2013, the library upgraded one of the larger group study rooms with this technology.  The new monitor includes Microsoft Office and allows students to write and edit text, construct graphs and diagrams, draw objects on top of documents, shrink and enlarge images.  An electronic pen or finger can be used to navigate the screen. 

Interactive Touchscreen Monitor

The library has developed an Equipment Management System that is synchronized with the Aleph Library System. The application records circulation transactions, manages online equipment reservations and generates usage reports by institutions, by academic programs, and user types. The system maintains an up-to-date online log and inventory which saves staff time and processes loans more efficiently.

Open Wall

Equipment Management System

The library initiated a space as an open forum for students, faculty and staff to share ideas, comments, and opinions on a topic posted weekly. Faculty has been invited to submit provocative questions and challenges to engage our patrons to post their responses. The USG Open Wall is located opposite of the Circulation Desk in the library lobby, which is accessible and visible to everyone.

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